Activities on Rømø

The 9 km Rømø embankment leads directly to the Wadden Sea’s largest island with a totally unique nature of the Wadden Sea, which was first national park in 2014 and was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Rømø´s up to 3 km wide sandy beach is the island’s largest magnet, and here is big skies and space for everyone, with many opportunities for an active holiday: here you can cycle, ride, hike, play golf and enjoy wind sports. But do not miss the plantations with the sand dunes and bunkers. Dune heaths with beautiful parabola dunes. The birds on the move. And the impressive Kommandørgården.

Beach sailing and Kite-surfing

Beach sailing is allowed on Sønderstrand. Kite-buggies have to use a large area covering about 6 km2 north of Sønderstrandvej, whereas blocarts should use an area covering about 4 km2 south of Sønderstrandvej. Motorists must observe special caution for the 3-wheeled, wind-powered vehicles which have to zigzag across the beach.

Kite-buggies are mostly for advanced users who know the sport, whereas blocarts can be learned fairly quickly after receiving a little instruction. It is possible to rent blocarts and learn how to use them.

Kite-buggies er mest for erfarne, der kender til sporten, mens blokart kan læres ret hurtigt efter en instruktion. Det er muligt at leje blokarts og få undervisning.

På havet ved Lakolk er det tilladt at wind- og kitesurfe i den nordligste del. Det er også tilladt at køre på stranden helt ned til vandet, hvilket gør det lettere at læsse udstyret af og komme i gang. Flot også at se på surferne fra stranden, men havet her er altså ikke velegnet for almindelige badegæster.

Horse riding and riding routes

The beautiful wide beaches, heather-clad entirety and the tranquil orchards are perfect for trips on horseback in groups with others – or alone.

Horseback riding is becoming increasingly popular on Rømø, and there are also many opportunities to experience Rømø from a horse saddle. You can ride on all public routes and on the beach – the beach must, however, be at least 100 meters from the water’s edge. Furthermore, there are marked ride routes through Kirkeby Plantation and Vråby Plantation. Very recommendable is also the ride routes, which connects the two plantations of the stunning heath Sønderland. There is also a riding route from Vråby plantation over the dune dike to the beach at the North Sea. All ride routes are marked with red piktogram poles. Start from one of the three parking lots in Kirkeby Plantation and Vråby Plantation, where it is possible to bring a horse trailer.

Bike – and hiking routes

Rømø has three marked hiking routes; one in each of the three plantations: Tvismark, Kirkeby and Vråby. The tours through Tvismark Plantage and Kirkeby Plantage offer the most varied landscape, with hikes in the open countryside with wide horizons. All tours are round trips of 2-4km and are marked by yellow posts, but in Kirkeby Plantage you can also take a shorter trip of about 2km, marked with red colours. This means that the hiking tours can be done in 15-60 minutes. They all start at different car parks. The hiking tour brochure covering all the routes is available at the car parks, Rømø tourist centre and Naturcenter Tønnisgård.

“The commander and the whale” 31 km quality cycle routes with the best of Rømø. The routes go to places with great views, but also to small secret locations with space for quiet contemplation. Panorama trails are part of the project “Powered by Cycling: Panorama”, supported by the EU Regional Development Fund.


For the the multifarious activities hear also Windsurfing. The North Sea is perfect for the unfolding of this sport with the high waves and the eternal wind, there is in any Windsufers dream.

On the west side of the island is one of Europe’s best beaches, the 15 km long Lakolk Strand, where it is possible to drive your car right down to the water’s edge and where it is popular to grow kite flying and windsurfing. There is a big difference between ebb and flow, and 2 times a day the water level is changing significantly

Windsurfing is only allowed in the designated area in the northern part of Lakolk Beach.

Rømø Golf Club

Rømø golf links lie protected behind the dike directly on the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. The course is constructed according to the traditional Scottish links courses. The course is situated on reclaimed seabed and is so flat that you can see the whole pitch ‘once you are on the 6th and 14th tees, and overlooks the Wadden Sea and North Sea. Likewise, there is a look to the mainland and the neighboring island of Sylt.
18 hole links course with championship dimension, is characterized by a number of lakes and many streams. Then there are undulating greens and severity of the space affected by today’s wind strength.
A course with challenges, but also affordable because the entire area is in the range kote 2-4.
Anyone can play – even without membership.
In addition to Rømø Golf Links have you with us access to play golf on Rømø Pay & Play – a 9-hole course, where you can try to play golf without being a member of a golf club Romo Pay & Play is one of the most exciting Pay & Play courses. Here you will find both pairs 3, par 4 and par 5 holes.

Rømø Fishing Lake

A large fishing lake on the entire 900 meters long and 40 meters wide. In the lake you can catch: trout, eel, carp.

Fishing cards and bait can be purchased at the lake on Kommandørgårdens café and Rømø Tourist Office. It is possible to rent fishing tackle at the lake.

2 wheelchair-accessible platforms around 35 m2.

It has established a “Multirasthus” at the lake with toilets, disabled toilets, packed lunches and information. Fishing competition every Wednesday during the high season.

Rømø Fiskesø, Vestervej 46, 6792 Rømø, Tel 24253945